Electrical Safety



Class Length 1-Day

Includes Arc-Flash Calculations From Three-Phase Buses Down to Panels


Course Outline


Brief Review of OSHA 29 CFR 1910 .331 - .335


1910.311 Scope      


1910.332 Training


          Type of training

          Who must be trained


1910.333 Selection And Use Of Work Practices


          Working on or near exposed

                    deenergized parts

          Working on or near exposed

                    energized parts


1910.334 Use Of Equipment

          Portable electrical equipment

          Test instruments and equipment


1910.335 Safeguards For Personnel Protection

          Use of protective equipment

          Alerting techniques


NFPA 70E Safety Related Work Practices


Article 90 Introduction


Article 100 Definitions


Article 105 Applications of Safety Related Work Practices

          105.1 Scope

          105.2 Purpose

          105.3 Responsibility

          105.4 Organization


Article 110 General Requirements For Electrical Safety-Related

                    Work Practices

          110.1 Relationships with Contractors (Outside Service               

                    Personnel, etc.)

          110.2 Training Requirements

          110.3 Electrical Safety Program 

          110.4 Use of Equipment

          110.5 Underground Electrical Lines and Equipment


Article 120 Establishing An Electrically Safe Work Condition

          120.1 Process of Achieving an Electrically Safe Work Condition

          120.2 Deenergized Electrical Conductors or Circuit Parts That

                    Have Lockout/Tagout Devices Applied

          120.3 Temporary Protective Grounding Equipment


Article 130 Work Involving Electrical Hazards

          130.1 General

          130.2 Electrically Safe Work Conditions

          130.3 Working While Exposed to Electrical Hazards

          130.4 Approach Boundaries to Energized Electrical Conductors

                    or Circuit Parts

          130.5 Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

          130.6 Other Precautions for Personnel Activities

          130.7 Personal and Other Protective Equipment

           130.8 Work Within the Limited Approach Boundary or Arc Flash Boundary

                    of Uninsulated Overhead Lines



          Review, Q&A, additional resources