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 DL105 PLCs




Learn The Basics Of All PLCs In A

"Hands-On" Environment


Eight "Hands-On" Labs


Length: One-Day 


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What Our Students Are Saying


This is what I was looking for. I had no previous knowledge on the subject. I now have a good foundation. -

Matt Hahn - Firestone Building Products


Instructor took a dull subject and made it fun to be here today. My hat is off to you guys. Thanks as always -

Michael Pechin - Walt Disney Imagineering


Took away the intimidation factor from PLCs and ladder logic. Made it seem easy and straight forward as it actually is. Makes you realize that there is no magic involved, it is just a machine -

Roger Stephens - Monsanto


The one-day class makes you want to take the three-day class. -

Michael McCoy - Clorox


About the Class


This one-day "hands-on" course is designed for maintenance and engineering personnel, operators, supervisors and managers who need to maintain and troubleshoot systems controlled by PLCs.  We realize that most people are not going to be programmers and what they would like to know is how their equipment works without using calculus; and more importantly how to troubleshoot it. 


We will teach you the fundamentals of all PLCs, what the basic instructions do, and how to troubleshoot your equipment using a voltmeter and: (1.)  the indicator lights on the PLC, (2.) a print out of your program, (3.) search commands.  This seminar has hands-on labs throughout using: Automation Direct DL105 fixed I/O PLCs; laptop computers loaded with DirectSOFT5 programming/editing/monitoring software; training stations with pushbuttons and lights; and digital multimeters.  The students will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned on real working equipment.  Participants will take home our text and lab manual that can be immediately used on the plant floor. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the class.


Course Objectives

Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:

►Write/edit/document/download/monitor programs

►Troubleshoot PLCs using a voltmeter and the program

►Isolate problems quickly to the PLC or machine/process

►Explain how PLCs work and how programs are executed

►Use ladder logic programs to replace electrical circuits

►Use DirectSOFT5™ programming software

 You will be able to immediately apply what you have learned on the plant floor




Who Should Attend

This is an excellent "hands-on" first class on PLCs for persons with no previous background or wanting a refresher course. The class is perfect for all maintenance (electrical, mechanical, I&E, millwright, welders) and engineering personnel (electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, civil), operators, supervisors and managers. No previous electrical experience is needed. No previous computer experience is necessary. We will show that there is really no genie in the bottle.


What You Will Take With You


Impact Training Services course manual - containing all the material covered in the class with labs and troubleshooting references.


Personalized Certificate of Completion


A solid foundation in PLCs.


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